Monday, January 3, 2011

A little chocolate...

As a self-proclaimed chocoholic, just reading the word makes me crave a piece or two. So naturally when my friend, Jen suggested we check out the little mocha martini bar on Broadway I was game. As for Dane, he wasn't as excited until I mentioned happy hour. : ) From 5-7 pm they have 1/2 price martinis and appetizers.

We were a little bummed when we arrived and found out that happy hour was only in the bar area. There were a few small tables in addition to the seats at the bar making room for about 20 people. At first we had to split up at the bar, no fun! But soon enough, the group of four taking up the middle of the bar moved and we could all get together and catch up. It had been about six months since I had seen Jen. We met a few years back when I volunteered at Eagle Mount's adventure camp for kids with cancer. Montana won her over and she just decided to stay. This summer she moved to Oregon for an amazing job opportunity. Yep, she's going to cure cancer someday. :) She is spontaneous, passionate, nonjudgmental and maybe a bit of an adrenaline junkie with her crazy outdoor activities but this is why I adore our time together. My first drink was their signature martini, the ephemere. The inside of my martini glass was drizzled with dark chocolate and had a cocoa dusted rim. Then came the ephemere truffle sauce and a generous portion of vodka.  

Since we hadn't had dinner and were in good company, we ordered a few appetizers: zucchini croquettes, grilled brie with honey & pecans and caprese toast. We decided one martini wasn't enough so next was the 'Sea Salt Caramel.' This time my glass was drizzled with white chocolate and filled with the silky ephemere truffle sauce, fresh creamy caramel sauce, vodka and caramel Bailey's. The finishing touches, a cocoa and sea salt rim. This one definitely won me over! After happy hour,  we walked to their apartment for the weekend and opened a bottle of wine and chatted over chips and salsa. It didn't take us long to make our way up to the roof top to soak up the Seattle skyline.

Before we knew it five hours had went by and we didn't even play our board game! I had to work the next morning so we left thankful for a good night with good company.

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