Saturday, January 8, 2011

Be Free

Thursday after some tea, I did some relaxing yet challenging yoga. I had a green smoothie in front of the fireplace (to help keep the shivers under control) for breakfast. This was followed by an intense jam session to 'The Xx' on my drive into work. There's truly something therapeutic about completely letting go and belting out your favorite songs. For that moment, I'm completely free. Free of my racing mind, to-do lists, and worries. Such an amazing way to start the day!

*---------- "The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount ----------*
of freedom you have in your heart."

  I brought my green juice in addition to a salad with a leftover veggie burger for lunch and some African peanut soup for dinner. Despite the many colorful boxes of chocolate sitting in our office, I stuck to my tea and green juice between meals. Felt good to have control over the temptation. I'm all about treating yourself and enjoying the good things in life but I simply didn't need it while at work, nor would I have truly appreciated it. After work, I felt like snacking while watching the new episodes of Grey's and Private Practice. It's a hard habit to break and tea wasn't cutting it that night.  I had a serving of sweet potato chips and boy, do I love the combination of the salty and sweet flavors together. However, afterwards my sweet tooth kicked in and I was really jonesin' for dessert.  I chopped up a pear and heated it in a sauce pan with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a sprinkle of Truvia. The smell of cinnamon is comforting and nostalgic for me. I think it's because it reminds me of when I was little kid and my mom used to make me cinnamon-sugar toast. When the pear was heated through, I scooped a 1/4 c of gluten free granola on top. A very quick and healthy version of a fruit crisp. No butter or cups of sugar :) Shoot! I forgot to take a picture to share but I'm sure I'll be making this yummy treat again!

Friday, I did some yoga and had a green smoothie for breakfast but I bought a different "allergen-free" protein powder with no dairy, soy, gluten...yada yada YUCK!!  It tasted HORRIBLE!! I gulped it down but I'm going to have to spend another $20 on my regular brand even if it does have soy in it. Things were going great the rest of the day until we went out for dinner. I had a little dairy with our appetizers and some seafood for my entree. Well, and then there was that glass of red wine. OK, OK so I failed miserably eating out but just so you know, I did pay for it later. I had a headache afterwards and felt heavy and tired. BUT you know what,  it's OK to slip once in awhile, it doesn't mean you have to give up the rest of the day, week, or month. Don't obsess over being perfect but just pay attention.  Follow your goals, do what makes you truly happy. By paying attention, I've noticed that I don't really feel that great after I overindulge on something. What I truly enjoy about going out together is the time I'm spending with my husband. :)
Lazy Lola  with her monkey from Aunty Carm & Uncle Sly

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