Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be True

Sunday, I didn't get yoga in before the hubby woke up but we did go to the gym together for some cardio. I also found my way back to church. I work every other weekend so it had been awhile. Today's take away message was, "Strive to be your true self." Our true self is a spirit that has no ties to images, thoughts, and ideas from today's society. We tend to base our ideas of beauty on what's lusted after in the media, our fashion sense on what the celebrities are wearing and we worry about our "status" in our community. That can cause us to pretend to be who we're not in order to fit it in or to be critical of ourselves when we don't meet the expectations. Neither are healthy.

The view from Soldiers Chapel in Big Sky, MT

By merely doing things to fit in, you might not realize your true passion in life. Each of has a purpose here and we are all driven by something. What is it that drives you? What are you really passionate about? For me, it's helping others. For years, I dreamed of joining the Peace Corps or simply traveling over seas to work on a nutrition related project that helps poor communities grow their own food. I thoroughly enjoy volunteer work with kids and I've really been missing my girlies I used to nanny for. Presently, I can't afford to just up and fly across the country to volunteer. I'm not letting go of that dream but looking locally for now. So after talking with my hubby about volunteer options, we came up with a great plan! We have decided to sign up for Big Brothers Big Sisters and hope we can help make a difference. I'm very excited about this and my goal is to get our applications sent in by the end of this week. They are an amazing organization and I can't wait to get started! Check out the above link if you are interested in more information.

This may be a small step towards my goal, but it's what I can do today. What have you always wanted to do? Start moving in that direction, whether you take baby steps or giant strides, do something! I believe you can do anything you put your whole heart into. You may have to be creative if it doesn't work the first time, but stick with it. You deserve to happy and guess what??  You, my dear, are in control of your own happiness.

Additionally, when you are lucky enough to see another's true self, appreciate it. Don't be so quick to criticize and judge. Coming from Montana, I'll be the first to admit I grew up a bit sheltered. I didn't and still do not know a lot about other cultures. Now that I'm in a real city (who knew Bozeman, MT wasn't actually classified as a city) and working in a hospital, I'm exposed to all sorts of races, cultures and religions. I'm learning a little here and there (ooohh, I feel a new goal brewing) but have a long way to go. I was a little naive when it came to people's daily struggles. Sure I've seen alcoholics, drug abusers, and a few homeless people but everyone has something that challenges them.  I personally want to be better about being a little more compassionate, understanding, and forgiving....to really consider what it might be like in their shoes. When I'm curious about something, I'll try to watch a documentary, read a book, or research  reputable sources on the internet. Care. Challenge. Learn. Do.

"Peace" - Hiking with my brother in Bozeman, MT

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  1. I completely agree. It's so important to have goals or a passion but it's just as important to understand what is reasonable for yourself in terms of finances, physical ability, etc. If one of those things is holding you back from realizing the "big dream" now, you can always find ways to start small. Even the little things can make a big difference so do what you can, when you can! So proud of you for following your dreams!


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