Life's a journey, take the scenic route!
In 2010, I graduated in dietetics, married my best friend and packed up my simple life to move to the city for a new job... faaaarrrrr away from our family and friends. Now, I am working as a dietetic technician at a children's hospital to gain experience in clinical nutrition and my hubby works as a tax associate with a local firm. I hope to apply to a dietetic internship next year, but currently the numbers are pretty depressing with less than a 50% match rate. Our program requires students to complete an internship after graduation before they are considered qualified to take the Registered Dietitian exam. In the mean time, I will be working and trying to keep up on some volunteer work.

As a new wife, I'm trying to fine tune my skills of working AND cooking homemade meals, desserts, keeping a clean house and laundry done, all while finding some spare time to exercise and take care of my pup...needless to say I'm still working on mastering the art. :) Most of the time, I try to prepare healthy and appetizing dinners for us both. However, there are occasionally the nights when I get home from work and immediately change into sweats.  I plop down in our huge, comfy chair and usually don't move for the remainder of the evening.... unless it's to get up to whip up some nachos for dinner. There are also the  nights where I get really excited about trying a new recipe and I fail miserably. But I'm pretty lucky, my hubby doesn't ask for a lot and is appreciative of everything I do for him. He even helps out in the kitchen with preparation and clean up! He's my buddy, my love.

He knows how to have fun

He's a good navigator and NEVER gets lost

He knows how to relax

He's strong....physically, mentally and emotionally

He leads the way

He does things just to make me happy
- Wine tasting makes me happy :)

This is what we do when it's his turn to "cook"

I love this man!

Did I mention his family is pretty amazing too? Now, I have TWO crazy, lovable families and I couldn't be more excited! Family has always been extremely important to both of us and it is difficult for us to be so far away from them now that we're on the West Coast. In moving, we also left behind many of our friends. Most of them we have known since we were just little tykes. I didn't realize how much I depended on my friends until I moved away from them. It's weird how some of your old insecurities come back when everything you've known and loved is stripped away from you. Moving to a new place and starting over made me feel extremely vulnerable at first. I have to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone and branch out. Building strong relationships from scratch doesn't happen overnight and may take a little work but in the end it will be worth it.

On days off, I love trying new recipes, taking walks with my dog, blogging, reading about nutrition, trying new restaurants, exploring my new town, wine tasting, shopping, chocolate sampling, sipping green smoothies, micro brews, checking out the local talent,  working get the idea. I also love to talk (some might use the term "ramble") and keep in touch with my friends and family, that is why I started this blog. Hopefully, one of these days I'll upgrade from my point and shoot camera (that has been submerged in water on more than one occasion) to a more professional version. If nothing else, now I have a single collection of recent recipes and outings. Stop by, check it out, share your thoughts!

Peace and positive vibes ♥

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