Monday, March 28, 2011

Our pets....

I worked all weekend and spent the entire time worrying about Lola. She was throwing up and didn't eat a single bite on Saturday. That evening, she woke Dane and threw up multiple times outside. She also threw up again before I got up for work. I spent this morning researching vets in the area and finally decided on a vet in Kenmore. Our appointment is at 12:30. She has a little more pep in her step today and is already bugging me to go play, but has not eaten her breakfast yet. Hopefully, she just needs doggy antacids. It will be good to finally get some answers, as I do not like to see her feeling ill.

I am a big animal lover. I grew up with more "pets" than I can remember. We had horses, multiple dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, calves, goats, iguanas, snakes, salamanders, birds, chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits, rats, fish and crabs. Even though that list seems extensive, I am positive I missed a few. Additionally, we also rescued many animals, including a baby owl, which may or may not have been illegal to have. Speaking of rescues, I even remember the time my little sister decided to rescue a gopher and upon getting it through the door, it bit her and was loose in our house. Ooops! My love for animals started at a young age and I considered a career as a veterinarian multiple times throughout the years. In college, I volunteered at the animal shelter, which probably wasn't the best idea as it just made me want more!

Since moving to Bozeman in the summer of 2003, we have accumulated two cats and two black dogs. Here are a few pictures and short descriptions about each of them.

TIGER:  Born on May 17, 2004 and brought home from a pet shop that July after a family reunion in Helena.

Baby Tiger

During our move to Seattle, Auntie Krissy decided to take care of them for us until we can get out of an apartment and into a house with more room. They are spoiled rotten and spend their days sleeping, eating and cuddling.

Probably right before Tigey put up a fight for his spot on the throne. When he's not sleeping on your furniture, he's right on your chest, paws wrapped around your neck or nudging your face. As if he weren't lovable enough already, he also is a bit cross-eyed and has a slight drooling problem.  

TAJI: Born on May 18, Taji was bought from the same pet shop as Tiger, but they weren't from the same litter. We second guessed our purchase on the way home from Helena, as he cried almost the entire trip back to Bozeman and we weren't exactly supposed to have pets in our apartment. And by "not exactly," I mean we would have been kicked out if we were caught. They were worth the risk!

Soon to be 7, he is a bit more lazy these days. Even taking resting breaks on the way to his food dish.
Every now and then, a catnip mouse will get the best of him and he'll toss it around a bit before lying down.
He also has an annoying obsession with plastic bags. In the middle of the night, you can hear him chewing on them and he won't stop until you get out of bed and get rid of that dang bag!

Typical Taji look, he considers himself superior to all other creatures and finds it irritating
that humans are so easily amused.
BEA: Adopted 8/25/2006 from Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter. She was thought to be between 3 and 5 years old at the time of the adoption. Her name was "Beauty" so we shortened it to Bea and we typically call her "Bea-Dog."

She was brought into the shelter with a shattered back leg and thought to be abused. Once she knows you, she is loyal, protective and lovable, but keep your garbage locked up and your bread off the edge of the counter as she likes to sneak whatever food she can get her paws on!

Lola & Bea

Presently, she is staying with her grandparents, Deb & Craig :)
If she's not playing fetch or eating, it's a good bet that she's sleeping!
LOLA: Born on April 9, 2007 and I brought her home on June 9, without Dane's full permission. We had talked about getting a second dog in the future, but as soon as I saw her, I had to have her. She stole my heart with those floppy ears and white paws. I now understand why her brothers and sisters had their tails docked upon purchase, it is more like a weapon than a tail. 

Her first car ride home to Plentywood to meet the family!

She loves going on car rides, whether it is to one of the many dog parks or to run errands.

She also enjoys naps on the furniture, usually with one of her toys nearby.

She's quirky, loves the cool weather for exercising but enjoys being lazy and soaking up the rays on sunny days. She  can run really fast and is high-energy, but a cuddle bug when indoors. She's feisty and has a bit of an attitude, but we love her to pieces. She turns 4 in a few weeks but is still our baby. <3

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  1. They sure love their new home! Hahaha! They can just be seen everywhere, from the couch to the rugs, under the table and pots. Hahaha! They're funny! They know how to appreciate you for giving them a comfortable home.

    Christian Traughber


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