Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rainy afternoons

Mother Nature seems to be a bit befuddled. One day it's summer, the next it feels like a dreary fall afternoon.  These days, we seem to be experiencing more of the latter than I would desire, which leaves me craving my slipper socks, comfy sweats and a snuggly blanket.  I even find clever ways to talk myself out of exercising outside, and who am I kidding?!? I could easily pop in a workout video and break a sweat indoors, but I find ways around that as well. Lucky for me, our hospital is starting a coaching program ran by the Mayo Clinic. Christine called me up today and we picked out four goals to work on over the next couple of weeks.

1) Yoga, twice a week.
2) Outdoors exercise (walk/jog/bike), five times a week.
3) Get to bed by 10:00 pm, four times a week.
4) No snacking after 8:00 pm during the week nights.

Additionally, this girl needs a tan! Nothing extreme, that highly sought after 'sun-kissed' glow will do just fine. Even moving up a shade from my current 'fair' (a.k.a. pale) colored make-up would be reason enough to celebrate.  Did I mention that it is the lightest Bare Minerals powder available? Bring it on sunshine, I am SO ready!

Enough with the rain,
unless it's a good ol' summer thunderstorm

You wouldn't want to go out there either, right?

Anyways, we don't get out and about much during the week, but we definitely try to take advantage of the weekends that we have off together. This past weekend we:

Made whole wheat banana pancakes with a few chocolate chips

Went for a run on the trails through Cougar Mountain

Went to the dog park

 Tried a new restaurant for breakfast
Played 18 holes of golf

 This weekend we will be heading to Portland, Oregon for a weekend full of great friends, unique eats and fabulous microbrews. We're ready to enjoy the weekend and would love to spend time outdoors without the rain. Hopefully Mother Nature gets the memo!  

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