Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

One of the perks that comes with a full-time position is that I get a little more freedom on the weekends. This last Saturday, the hubster and I took Lola to Marymoor Park, a 40 acre off-leash dog area, also known as, "Doggie Disneyland." Here, canines of all sizes and ages are free to do as they please, which usually involves lots of sniffing, peeing, swimming and chasing. For the humans, there is an espresso stand near the entry that serves coffee, pastries and other human snacks, perfect for those early morning outings with your pooch. Lola loves racing other dogs and does great with most of her wet-snouted friends, but she does not like to be challenged or approached dominantly. When approached in this manner,  her queen-bee attitude comes out and she gets a bit growly to show her rival who's boss. This usually happens once or twice with each visit to a dog park, which makes me feel like a bad doggy-mom, but as Dane points out it is only with certain types of dogs, other high energy dominant dogs that charge at her or challenge her upon the initial sniff and greet. We can usually tell which ones will rub her the wrong way and try to distract her as soon as possible, but inevitably there are always a few that get her riled up.

 Waiting patiently in the back window like she's small or something :)
Tuckered out after lots of running

After running off some of her energy, we dropped Lola off at home so we could head to the Folklife Festival in downtown Seattle.

The Space Needle

Parking in downtown Seattle is pure craziness, especially during events

 Lucky for us, as we entered the gates to the festival the clouds parted and the sun was out for the remainder of the afternoon. The perfect weather for booth hopping, food tasting, beer sipping, music listening and of course some serious people watching.

The food....

Dane's Filipino Plate

Fish tacos and garlic fries, an interesting combination but both were mighty tasty
Featured on the Food Network

Small bites of pure deliciousness
I wanted to try these but couldn't bring myself to do it, so we settled on the mini donuts

The performers.....

Real life video game

The one man band

What is this guy up to?

Oh....just squeezing his body through a tennis racket

 And now....
He's simply hula hooping a tire

I'm not sure what this instrument was, but very neat
 After spending the afternoon basking in the sunshine and enjoying the festivities, we decided to play some mini golf. Dane beat me the on the front 9, but I'm proud to say we tied on the back 9. Sorry, I just had to throw that out there since it doesn't happen often. :)

We worked up quite an appetite and drove to Pier 57 where we agreed on The Crab Pot for dinner. We were quoted an hour and twenty minutes for a table, but we had no problem wasting time playing pinball at the arcade until it was ready.

Let me tell you, the food was well worth the wait! We left fully satisfied and couldn't wait to get home to change into our loose waisted sweats. The sun was beginning to set as we strolled along the pier to our car, such a beautiful evening. When we got home, it didn't take long for me to fall asleep as I was exhausted and had to wake up at 5:00 for work on Sunday morning. I cherish our weekends off together and can't wait until summer decides to stick around for a few months. I have this weekend off and will be attending my first Mariners game and hopefully getting in some hiking.

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