Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Mariners

Last Saturday, Dane took me to my first Mariners game.  The sun was hot and the sky was that beautiful blue we (vitamin D deprived) Seattleites have been longing for. Yep, friends, it was a beautiful day in the 'Emerald City.'

My first Mariners shirt.
"GO M's!"

Enjoying the game.

Seats near first base, eight rows back.

What I remember:

  • Getting all the way to the bus stop and somebody forgot the tickets.
  • Expensive beers.
  • The smell of garlic.
  • Cracking up as a vendor yelled, "Big, big beers....biiiig, humongous BEERS!" as he walked up and down the aisles.
  • Joining in on the infamous tune,  ♪ Take me out to the ball game... ♪
  • Plucking hot, fresh roasted peanuts from their shells....Dane was excited about finding multiple shells with three peanuts inside.
  • The most amazingly delicious batch of garlic fries I've ever devoured. End. Of. Story.  
  • Worrying that only the left side of my body was getting hit by the sun.
  • Oh yeah,  and if you actually care about baseball, I believe we lost 2 to 3. :)
From the moment I stepped into the stadium, I knew I had to try these fries.

MMmmm, love at first bite. Garlic....lots and lots of garlic!
I used the last few fries to scoop up as much garlic as possible.
    This was one of the first pubs we ate at when we  moved to WA last fall, we love Collins!
    Couscous, grilled veggies,  salmon and a microbrew....the perfect way to end the day.
    Actually, this is the perfect way to end the day, CHOCOLATE!
    This is definitely the place to stop if you need something sweet,
    we've wandered in on more than one occasion.
    You have to love public transportation.
    "I wish you a weekend full of kool-aid smiles and teddy bear hugs." -Seattle bus driver
    And my favorite pic of the day.....puppy love <3

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