Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Try It" Tueday: We Can't Say It's Cheese

100% Dairy Free * All Natural * Gluten-Free * No Trans-Fats * Soy-Free
Vegan * No GMOs * No Cholesterol * Kosher Pareve * Healthy Ingredients

I first tried Wayfare's "cheese" products a few years back at our local farmer's market in Bozeman, MT. Oh, how I loved strolling through the booths on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. I could spend hours admiring all of the local creations or picking out fresh produce and baked goods. I still remember the first time I saw Wayfare's booth, curiously checking out the sign and samplers from afar. After seeing a few customers' happy faces and followed purchases, I decided I better check it out. I stopped and tried the mexi cheddar flavor and then proceeded to try them all while exclaiming, "This is really made out of oats?!?! It tastes SOOO good!" I bought two flavors that day with the mexi cheddar flavor being my favorite. I mixed it with salsa to make a queso dip, topped tacos and salads and used it as a dip for air popped popcorn.  Lucky for me, I found it at Whole Foods the other day in Seattle. I may be a sucker, but these days I pretty much buy anything with the "Made in Montana" sticker on it as I miss home A LOT. But with that being said, this is one of those products that I would suggest to anyone, dairy-free or not. And not just because of the sticker. :)

With only 45 Calories per 2 Tbsp and a short ingredient list, it is definitely a healthy alternative to cheese.
The WayFare family is dedicated to providing "rich, delicious non-dairy options" to their customers. We Can't Say It's Cheese was their first product and is now available in 38 states and over 580 stores. Wow, to think a few years ago I tried their product for the first time in MT. Now they have a new product, We Can't Say It's Sour Cream. I'm positive it will not be the last creation we see from them! They also strive to reduce their impact on the environment by using nearly every resource that comes into their manufacturing plant, either it goes directly in their product or it is recycled. Additionally, they demand their suppliers to use less packaging, transportation and processing to save resources, time and cost. What a great success story! What started as a personal mission has helped provide thousands of individuals and their families with delicious, healthy and plant-based alternatives. Way to go WayFare!   

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